Welcome on Fautrastuces

The shop of Jean Luc and Marie Noëlle FAUTRAS distributes patented and innovative products for the well being of the horse with online sales and delivery to your home.

The two products are as follows:

  • The first hay FAUTRASELF® distributor which allow a slow feeding of your horse for 2 days.
  • The first carpet PHYSIOGOM® urine flow, which completely replaces the litter.

4 innovative products come:

  • MULTI® chandeliers associated with FICHASTUCES® (barrier of insulating sheets) thanks to their versatility, allow your horse to safely jump, attached with the lunge, creating a round of Havrincourt, paddock (with electrical tape) and shelters.
  • The JUPÉCAP® protects the saddle, legs and shoulders of the rider in any weather and at all speeds (and jumping)
  • The TEMPOBAR®- The auto-closing barrier without electricity