Welcome on Fautrastuces

Jean Luc and Marie Noëlle FAUTRAS distribute patented and innovative products for the well-being of the horse with online sales and home delivery.


  • FAUTRASELF® - The first automatic hay feeder for 2/3 days
  • PHYSIOGOM® - The first insulating matting with urine drainage which can completely replace bedding
  • JUPECAP® - Riding protection for inclement weather
  • PHYSIOMATT® - Sloping insulating matting for comfort and safety
  • OMBRELAFOIN® - Transportable foldable shelter and feeding rack


  • TEMPOBAR® – Non-electric Automatic barrier
  • WINGS and CUPS – Galvanised ,Stainless steel ,aluminium
  • OBSTACLE BARS aluminium Octogonal – For Training